Koi Sandton

After waiting in the car for my dear friend Londeka who is not the greatest at being on time, I decided to go into Koi and order something to drink while I wait for her. It would have been only 30 mins of waiting, so I decided to have a pot of tea. Unfortunately the wait was a little longer because a slight break in communication.

So, I’m sitting at my table, waiting for my tea to arrive. I didn’t mind the wait because I’m generally patient when it comes to restaurants. However, on this day, my table was one of two tables being served, so I did get a little annoyed that my tea took longer than I was expecting. So I decided to keep myself busy with a few snaps…


And then there it was *cue in the angelic music* finally my rooibos tea, with honey and slices of lemon and no milk arrived at my table.

First thing I noticed, was the dirty tea pot…it was almost as if the waitress wanted me to see it, because it came at dirty side first. At this point I’m wondering if I’m really willing to wait another couple of minutes for them to bring me a presentable pot of tea. Decided against that.

I had my tea and later everyone arrived and we ate.

So out of 5 here is how I would score Koi Sandton

Service (timing and attitude): 3

Food (taste and presentation): 4

Drinks (taste and presentation): 2

Ambiance: 4

But hey, you don’t have to take my word for it, this is just based on one experience, granted it was my first experience so I probably won’t be returning…unless I’m getting a takeaway sushi order.





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