Sit in the corner & think about your life

I haven’t fully explored the mega city that is JHB yet, and I am not going to rush it. Purely because in order to succeed in that mission, I rate I’d probably have to be pretty liquid… and I’m not talking about the liquid with a percentage in it, although that would also make the mission a little more exciting 😉

So in the mean time I will stick to what I know, what i love and what allows me to create the best memories, over the most AMAZING SUSHI !
After a nerve wrecking job interview and battling the flu all day, I decided to head to Sandton City to lift my spirits up a little. Nothing says Cheer Up like a pair of sexy shoes! Of course I didn’t buy them, because… you know, the way my bank balance is set up (hides face).
On that note let’s move on to the next pleasure seeking moment, which is a bit of an obvious one for me.

So after my bestie finally arrives (yes, the one that is always late 😉 Londy I still love you) this time it wasn’t her fault. It’s a bit of a walk coming from her office and still having to navigate through the impossible Sandton City, I couldn’t possibly give her grief. We made our way to my favorite spot, JB’s corner.

We sat in my favorite section upstairs where I can people watch freely, while I enjoy a mouthful of tastebud tantalizing sushi. Usually a cocktail would be in the mix, but this time around I was nursing the flu so I decided to have Rooibos with lemon and honey. First time ordering a non-alcoholic beverage at JB’s and boy was I pleasantly surprised.

I just absolutely loved the tea pot, I was hella excited to pour myself some tea.
We ordered our sushi and continued with the catch up session, covering a vast array of topics and getting some perspective on the ‘out of focus’ areas of our lives. Our sushi arrived, we ate with pleasure as the bonding continued, in that cozy corner of the amazing JB’s corner. The perfect way to end the day 😊




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