I left my heart in Mozambique 🇲🇿

I have been procrastinating about this post for some time, and as it goes with procrastination, you can find many reasons not to do what you are supposed to be doing. For the sake of not feeling too guilty, I’ll give you three good reasons:

1. I’m a food and travel blogger, so it’s possible that I was either traveling or eating 🙈, most likely eating! #dontjudgeme

2. I’ve recently ventured into that thing they call entrepreneurship, and apparently it consumes your every being! Be sure to check out Sapphire Events SA on your social media sites.

3. As per the title, I left a my heart in Mozambique…a lot has happened since that amazing trip, but il catch you all up eventually. For now let me head back down memory lane, back to a happy place.

Ponta Malongane, a little piece of paradise is the best way to describe this place. From the lush greenery, to the wooden walkways, to the white sand, and the warm blue ocean…just typing this out takes me back there and I can’t help but smile. I will

After what had been a really long and somewhat torturous prelude, we finally arrived to our place of sanctuary, to celebrate the birthday of a close friend, and in unison, a cry of joy and awe came from all of us. Strus God, I hadn’t seen a place this beautiful on my African continent! The views of the beach reminded me of the views from a Barcelona trip I took with family years ago, except this time I was on African soil and I could understand the staff and the people around me.

So as girls do, after the screaming from excitement and the fact we are actually finally in Mozambique, we chose our rooms, freshened up and then it was time to have a sip sip and a puff puff of Hubbly. We chilled on the deck looking out at the most amazing views, music playing, conversations flowing and some dancing here and there. Eventually the travel fatigue got to us and we called it a night.

The morning came with some cloud cover, but because we are praying girls the sun came through for us! And well I’ll the pictures do the talking from here on…

PS: Zama Nhlabathi I will forever love you for inviting me to join you in celebrating your age.





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