Stripped Bare

There comes a point in your life when it feels like the world has taken everything from you, and it feels like you have been stripped bare. Falling into a state of depression almost seems like the easiest thing to do when you reach this stage, but then it dawns on you that you are naked and exposed and the world didn’t stop. Yes, it may have felt like YOUR world ended, but the reality is the rest of the world kept spinning. So now, here you are, vulnerable, exposed and bare…


So, do you dig a hole and hide, or do you rise above the pain, disappointment, anger and hurt? See the great thing about being naked, is that there isn’t anything more to hide. And why would you want to hide anymore in any case? You can choose which colour to adorn your beautiful skin with; you can choose which shoe to walk tall in, you can choose which mood to grace your beautifully flawed face with! Because you are WOMAN; you are BOLD, you are STRONG, you are BLACK, you are of the African SOIL, you are BEAUTIFUL!


So get out of that hole, get out of those shadows, look into the light and take it all in. Because, you, my dear deserve to be seen in all your glory! Walk tall, walk brave, walk strong… Walk woman, WALK!


Photography: Refentse Sebothoma|Instagram @reph_shoots



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