In The Sushi Box

When you’re friends feel that you have been a stranger, and you deserve to be in the ‘dog box’ which I suppose is understandable, and they decide to book and appointment with you for dinner on a random Tuesday because “Monday’s are never great for anyone”, you just have to accept the invite, despite the crispy cold Cape Town nights. Also, for the love of sushi, because who can say no to sushi? I know I can’t…


Being the foodie that I am, I always have my phone in hand (I was testing out the Samsung S8), ready to take snapshots of the beautiful food and the spaces that I come across on my explorations.  I walked into The Sushi Box and absolutely loved the space! From the relaxed and casual layout of the furniture to the ceiling fully decorated with Boho paper lanterns and my favourite feature; the wooden fish swimming along the on the brick wall, towards the kitchen seemingly, hehehehe (no wooden fish were harmed in the writing of this food piece) can’t speak for the live fish though, but I will say, the sushi was really well prepared. And the chamomile tea in those cute tea pots helped in the mission to keep the body warm.

It was a filling meal, awesome happy staff members who gave us great service, good catch up session with my friend Sech, and an overall beautiful night in the beautiful city of Cape Town. There are so many other little spots that I just cannot wait to try out and share with you all!

Stay tuned to see my next Cape Town food experience, you don’t want to miss it! Blog loading 🙂


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